Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just some thoughts about love...

Some of the most beautiful people are the ones with the most flaws; some of the strongest hearts have been broken the most times; some of the kindest souls have been through the most pain.
Their beauty isn't *despite* these experiences, but because of them. Scars and cracks, visible or not, are signs that the person has survived something and come out better - signs of strength, not weakness.
When someone allows you close enough into their private world to see their fears and weaknesses, be grateful for it, & love them all the more. There is a great amount of trust needed to be able to expose the most vulnerable part of one's nature to another person, and as such should be repaid with gratitude and love.
You can never truly know someone until you know their flaws and understand the experiences that shaped them into the person standing before you, & you can never truly love someone until that knowledge makes you respect them more & want to protect them from future harm.

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